About Us


We are AVL. We are complete
Audio, Visual and Lighting Solutions

AVL was established in Cochin in June of 2010. With offices in Cochin, Trivandrum and Dubai. We provide a complete, consistent and diverse range of audio visual products and services.

By providing a great business environment, our staff are highly motivated and stay up to date with current audio visual technologies and services. We make sure you are always assured of receiving a high level of service and personal attention from the owner of the company and the staff that have helped make AVL a successful national and professional audio visual company.

At AVL, We believe that ‘Reliability’ is the cornerstone of any business relationship and hence we work towards making ourselves trustworthy and reliable to our customers through our undying efforts and promising team. We at AVL have the vision to make our organization one of the most sought after in the field of Audio Visual Services and we are aware that we cannot achieve this unless we constantly prove our credibility to our clients.

We pride in offering top-notch customers service. Our vision motivates our employees to work towards greater customer satisfaction each day. We want to be the best at giving the most professional customer service and supplying the right and newest technologies. AVL believes in complete customer satisfaction and hence a proactive approach is basis of absolute and unmatched customer service.